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Iphone images of my life living in a van with my dog, Max
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We love beach walks. #vanlife #maxtravels


I explored caves today! It was pretty amazing. I found a small opening in one and it took me through to a hidden cave with a frozen floor. I turned off my lights and sat in the cold, silent, pitch black cave for a while. It was exhilarating. #cavelife (at Lava Beds National Monument)

Moon’s over my Campy #vanlife

Max on a rock that’s also the eye of an ancient Egyptian queen. (at Battle Rock Beach - Port Orford, OR)

September 3rd, 2014 around 5:00pm somewhere along the Rogue River.

I travel by instinct, gut, and sometimes I change direction on a whim. This time I found a free camp on a map that ended up being closed so I went to the next one that I felt a little uneasy about. So, I kept on. My heart skips a beat when I drive through the forest. This day was especially warm so by instinct, my hand takes flight out the window. The sun was shining but sometimes the forest can block the light as it did in this shot I took while driving. It turned out to be a good representation of how I felt at the time. #vanlife

Oh, Redwood Forest… I love you so much. #treelove #vanlife #redwoodforest #campvibes (at Redwood National and State Parks)

Today’s Drive. #vanlife

Today’s Drive. #vanlife

Our home for the night. #vanlife (at Fort Ross State Historic Park)